Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Bloot and others

Check out the rest of the new preview cards :):


Anonymous said...

Ausome, I have ben waiting for this for a while. Allthough I wish we could see his actuall card to see what elements he will have and his abilities.


HyperFeudz said...


I'll buy like two boxes just to get him, and if I don't get him then, I'll buy him on ebay. The card art alone makes you want to own a copy of him!

Can't wait to see what he'll do!

Anonymous said...

can you possibly post the page on your blog occasus because it's not loading for me

Anonymous said...

Well the new intress is not so new now is she ;D.

If you were a fan of Chaotic before the offical release, You should imeditatly notice her

Anonymous said...

^Above comment by Kerberos^


Anonymous said...

I know, I was so happy when I saw her art last night. I was like "YEAH!!" :P

And I can't wait to learn more about 'Loyal' Battlegear :P

Anonymous said...

NO! why must they take Bloot :(. i'm not an underworlder but i still care!


Anonymous said...

What more is there to explain about Loyal Battlegear? They simply work the same way as Loyal creatures. Anyways, can someone post the abilities of the cards previewed, they're very blurry.

Anonymous said...

yeah I wanna know the abilities.. particularly that danian mugic ^_^


Anonymous said...

Danian Mugic: Target Danian gains 10 Energy. If Hive is active, it gains 10 Courage for each Danian you Control.

Intress: 1 Mugic- Creatures you control gain 5 Energy foe each elemental type they possess.

Ultimate Warstance: 5 Base Damage, 10 Air and Earth Damage. Air and Earth- the next attack played this combat deal 0 damage.

Dread Tread: If engaged creature moved this turn and won combat, it may move again. *I can't read this part but I believe it says this move can begin combat or something similar*

Prototype Demolition Field: If a creature deals 20 or more damage with it's first attack, sacrifice that creature's Battlegear.

Here are the abilities. :)

BigPanda said...

Well if you notice the dread tread says unique and loyal. This makes me think each tribe will get a piece of legendary battlegear that can only be used by that certain tribe. Hehe maybe the danians will get a real stingblade. After all the first one from zoth is a prototype.:p

Anonymous said...

Loyal on the Battlegear simply means that it can only be equipped to a creature of the Tribe that it belongs to. As most of you have noticed, Battlegear can have Battlegear Types, for example Shards, and when it says a Tribe, it means that it is Loyal to that Tribe and only they can use it. I think we'll be seeing quite a few of these and I also think we may soon see some Tribe-specific Battlegear.

Occasus said...

"Loyal" just means that a creature can't enter a mixed army. Loyal battlegear can be in any pure army of any tribe. The battlegear shown in the preview does not have a tribal sub-type. It just says "Legendary Battlegear".

Anonymous said...

Lol... I wonder what the
underworld legendary battlegear is?

Getting to the topci of it took me so long to get the regular one and wow. I wonder what his ability would be and he would probably gain fire... hopefully.

Happy Holidays!