Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-December 24

Remember to play in a match today guys! Don't forget about the special Wednesday reward :).
This week's card is Vial of Liquid Thought.

When I first saw this card I knew I would have some fun with it. Attack control is a huge factor in this game. There is a reason why I chose H'earing before: having as much control as you can is important. Weather it is changing your opponent's hand, or it is getting your own strong attacks back.

The new three build point attacks are seeing a lot more play lately, and they are so expensive that you can't play more than a few in a deck, but when you use them, they are a game turner. Having another one of those attacks to throw at your opponent may be the difference between winning and losing a game.

Please rate it out of 10 :).


Anonymous said...

if you look closely at the drops of liquid you can see tarterak, intress and hearring in the droplets

Anonymous said...

wow didnt ever look at the droplets much...

Anyway thats a great card I hadnt really seen before...still working at the Mi cards :P
Thanks for the good week card Occasus :D


Anonymous said...

It's an absolutely wicked card. It's something that Heptadd LOVES since everyone does everything possible to block allmageddon, and the good 3 and 4 costs love this card.


Anonymous said...

I know in my nes deck I use vial of liquid thought, H'earring tainted, Origanol H'earring, Biaken, Mirrors of misplacement, and aerodrome so that I can use all of the creatures abilitys plus the battlegear abilities so I can have as much control over my powerful attacks as possible. Sometimes I will also include attacks like squeeze play and flash kick incase my battlegear gets destroyed or turned down or I run out of mugic counters to use my creatures abilites.


Anonymous said...

and in the smallest drop you can see najarin - jpmjpm9

Anonymous said...

It's not Najarin, and there is no Intress. The creatures are actually Tartarek, H'earring, Attacat and Khybon.

As for the card, it's interesting, I never really payed attention to it. Putting it on a weak or strong creature would be a good idea.

7.5/10, just because it isn't useful at all times and only in certain situations.

Anonymous said...

ill give it a 10 for 1on1 7 for 3on3 and a 2 for 6on6 and higher

Anonymous said...

hehe i found the closed beta site
michaelnono (no i dint get picked i just now were to look)

Anonymous said...

If you're not going to say anything about the site itself as in what the URL is then don't bother posting that you found it. Also, your off subject.