Friday, December 26, 2008

The votes are in!

It looks like the third piece of art won the art vote with almost half of the entire votes! But look, our card is empty!

It is up to you guys to fix that! In this round of Community-Make-A-Card, I want all of you to make this creature's average stats, elements, creature type, and text box. Here is how it will work: you send me a PM labeled "Community Make-A-Card" or something like that so I know what the PM is for, and you tell me how you think we should make this card. I will take the best few ideas that are submitted and we will vote on which ones we think are the best.

Remember, this portion of the Make a Card is for the functionality of the card only. Do not send me a name for the creature, or any flavor text. We will be adding those in later.

Also, try not to make your creature over powered. No one really wants to have a large hulk of a creature that can't be beat. Be creative, and try to stay true to the art of the creature.

To make things interesting, I will be giving away free OP cards to whoever makes it to the voting round. I will be judging on creativity, ingenuity, and most importantly, balanced.

To give you guys an idea of balanced...
-Anything with more than 3 mugic counters is pushing it
-Be careful with giving a creature with multiple high stats, try to limit those to one or two
-If you feel that your creature is too strong, think of a weakness. Exhaust and recklessness are two common examples of weaknesses that balance a card, but remember that you aren't limited to only those!
-Also think hard about how many elements you give him. We don' need a completely superior Heptadd walking around in he mipedian desert!
-Try to stay within the flavor of the mipedian tribe. You can try to go in a new direction, that is encouraged, but try not to make a this card's ability look like it should go in another tribe :).


Anonymous said...

I`ll just do one here.

Invisibility: Surprise
Invisibility: Disarm
Sacrifice: Deal 15 Damage to target creature.
Earth and Air
C: 55, P: 40, W: 75, S: 90
E: 55
1 MC

There ya go, I didn`t want to make it overly cluttered or make a huge ability due to there going to be a flavour text. Basic, yet pretty decent.

Occasus said...

Could you tell me your username? If you make it to the voting round, I won't be able to give you an OP card if I don't know who you are :P. That is one reason why I wanted you to PM me :P.

Anonymous said...

I know, but I have no need of any OP cards. So... for now you do not need to know who I am... :)

Anonymous said...

I pmed you my idea, what do u think?

Anonymous said...

Diddo! Occasus!


Anonymous said...

What is exaust

Anonymous said...

it's the same thing as recklessness except with stats not energy.

Anonymous said...

Here's mine:

Invisibility Surprise

1 MC- Look at the top 3 cards of your location deck and pick one, that becomes the active location.

Elements- Air

C-75 P-30 W-80 S-55

Demon Legend

Anonymous said...

wait i forgot he has 2 MC

Demon Legend

Anonymous said...

Here is mine:

Mipedian Muge

Abilities:Invisibility: Strike 5
Invisibility: Disarm
Deal 5 damage for each mugic card your oppenent has.

Element: Air

Mugic Counters: Two

Stats (average): 50 energy, 45 courage, 55 power, 75 wisdom, 65 speed.

Rarity: rare or super rare



Anonymous said...

sweet idea I'll be pming you my idea later today

Anonymous said...

my idea was very original and I think I will make it to the voting round!

Anonymous said...

lol, i put ÕGPLAYA I meant ~OGPLAYA lol

Anonymous said...

Here is mine

Name Airosh Rarity Ultra Rare

Class Mipedian Legendary Elementalist

Elements Air Earth


Abilities : 1MC :Choose a mipedian you control that mipedian gets an elemental 10 of your choice for the rest of the turn.

Colour text :"Airosh was one of the "Legendary Four".He gather the elemental forces needed to activate the Ovumida that saved Perim from the M`arrilians thousands of solens ago."


P.S. If you want to know about the other "Legendary Four" and the Ovumida just let me know.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot the average stats of Airosh

C: 45, P: 30, W: 100, S: 50
E: 35


Anonymous said...

mipedian conjuror
e 30
c 50
p 25
w 75
s 60


elements none

1mc target mipedian creature u control gains air 5,earth 5 recklessness 5 and exhaust 5

Anonymous said...

here it is

mepedian muge

he is rare

courage 65
power 40
wisdom 75
speed 25

2 mugic

earth, wind

invisibility: disarm

2 mugic: discard 1 attack card, look at the top 5 cards of your attack deck put 1 of the cards into your hand, then shuffle the attack deck

my chaotic username is: jpmjpm9
if you want to contact me email me at

Anonymous said...

This card is ok but it doesn't seem like a card that would get published' it looks to real

Occasus said...

Thank you all for your entries.

jpmjpm9, what is the energy on your creature?

Anonymous said...

I found another cool mepedian, mepedian number three reminds me of a game i played.... Poxnora?

Heres the pic link:


malique said...

invisibilty strike 10
E=75 C=75 P=50 W=40 S=70
ultra rare

Anonymous said...

oh ya the energy on him is 45


Occasus said...

malique, what is your creature's subtype? It has recklessness, but no value on it. What is its value?

Anonymous said...

Oh i have an awsome idea for a ability

Invisibility: Counter (on the first attack your opponent plays against *** is reduced to 0 and the effects are reversed)


Invisibility: Swap (swap abilities with opponent)

with effect #2 the creature would be with abilities like recklessness or exhaust.

Anonymous said...

ooops forgot a name


Anonymous said...

actually he said not to add names or flavor.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Invisiblty strike 10
Invisability surprise


C35 P20 W 80 S 60
MC 2
He is a mipedian muge


Anonymous said...

no one copy plez

Anonymous said...

Mepidian-desert elite
invisibilty strike 15
mugic abilty cost 1:royals gain invisiblty 10
air element
45courage 25power 90wisdom 60speed
1 mugic
ultra rare
anyway i dont need the cards just want to help u find ur stuff (ps no account anyway)