Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Double Trouble?

I think a few people already posted about this over at the main forums, but I want to compare the "twin" sisters from the new set, Aivenna and Nivenna.

First off, you can see that the two names are only on letter off, the color of their skin switches with the color of their hair, their poses are mirror versions of each other, and both feature a famous creature from a the base set in the background, but how else are they similar?

One is the classic fighter: high energy, and something to power its attacks, and the other is the classic support creature: low energy, large amount of mugic counters and a mugic ability.

Nivenna has pretty high wisdom, not too many underworlders have as high of an intellengence. That is pretty overworld-y of her. Not to mention the fact that her ability powers up your creatures instead of hurting your opponent's. That is also pretty uncharacteristical for an underworlder.

There are a few other obvious similarities with the creatures. They have the same power and wisdom. Aivenna as two forms of Outperform 5, while Nivenna gives creatures you control an element 10 of your choice, which is sort of like having two element 5's. Then there is the mugical difference. Nivenna has 3 counters, which is the largest amount a creature has been given so far, and Aivenna has the lowest amount of mugic counters.

Their abilities reflect off of each other as well. Nivenna powers up all of your warriors, and Aivenna's support ability only works if you have a muge. Doesn't that seem weird? These two creatures seem to be made to be put in the same army, but because of their Loyalty, they aren't able to. It is possible that they are hinting at a possible way to bypass Loyalty in the future, or they might just be messing with us. Who knows?

These creatures seem to work in opposite directions, but also seem to want to work together. Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

yes i agree with you if you look in the rise preview thingy you'll see that there are a set of twins in the set


hehe first comment

Anonymous said...

I think one of them is probably a spy for either underworld or overworld and they are twin sisters in the future I suppose one of them will change tribes.

But It could be the creators are trying to add elements of overworld into the underworld and viceversa.

Or there could be a third reason they are acctually possesed greatures for the marrillians without Chaor or Maxxor knowing and are working to destroy from the inside both tribes

Scott M Davis said...

I think they might both be the same person, maybe in the next set you will see that they one person, with two different personalities.

Occasus said...

I thought about that too ScotMD, but the energy levels are really different for both of them to be the same creature.

Scott M Davis said...

the energy levels being different is a great red herring to distract you from that point.

I think the twin sisters is a great idea though, maybe their parents are UWers and OWers.

Occasus said...

I really hope they don't leave us hanging on this :P.

Anonymous said...

Wooh Hooh, I was the first person to ever notice this and post it on the chaotic fourms, Im a genius!


Anonymous said...

It is really strange. Maybe they are twins who knows? It'd be really cool though

Anonymous said...

the idea behind these two creatures may have come from one of the forum members

I remember in one of the create a creature or card topics a member coming up with mirror image twins pretty close to these