Friday, May 2, 2008

Cards That Shouldn't Be Ultra Rares

I was going through the collection page trying to think of an article to write about, when it hit me: there are several ultra rare cards that just don't deserve to be ultra rares. There are some cards that are borderline that I can't say "don't deserve" to be ultra rare, but there are at least a few that don't belong in the ranks of Lord Van Bloot and Heptadd.

1. Mugic Reprise
I am not saying that this is a bad card. It has a very interesting ability that may see some play, but with the cost of two mugic counters, just to get back another mugic card which will cost you even more, you need to ask yourself if it is worth it. The overworlders don't have too many creatures with that many mugic counters, and the ones that do have pretty nice abilities that I would rather use over casting this mugic.

2. Song of Deflection
I am pretty sure that everyone saw this one coming. There currently is no mipedian that can cast this mugic without the use of a Mugician's Lyre. Most of the mipedian creatures are more back line creatures, so you wouldn't get the chance to use the Mugician's Lyre. This ability is great, and would come in handy, but the cost is just too great to be a feasible choice.

3. Lake Ken-I-Po
The location isn't that bad I suppose, but it is far from great. In 6v6 this location may see some play, with more mugic opens up more variation, and that includes the Refrain of Denials. As of now, you would want to keep your mugic to three mugics that will be usable in almost any match. Until Refrain of Denials see more play, I would switch out Lake Ken-I-Po with another more useful location.


deandavid said...

i agre for lake ken-i-po but mugic reprise is kind of harsh mabey not comleatly worthy of ultra for 2 conters but supper for shur it would be an awsom ultra if it was only 1 thow ( pardon any spelling or garamer mastakes pleas )

deandavid said...

o bye the way awsome site

Kerberos said...

For song of Deflection i do agree for the over cost, but argue about how to use it. Dibanni (Mipedian Muge) only has two counters, but can transfer them to other creatures, so for example in your back row (for a 6v6) you would have tianne and in front of him Dibanni, transfer all mugic counters to him, play song of Deflection and still be able to use his abillity.I have quite a few other ways to do it as well, but i find this the best one to do.