Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-May 14

This weeks card is....
Riverland Star!
Equipped Creature gains 15 Courage. If equipped Creature is OverWorld, it gains "When equipped Creature deals Water damage, heal 5 Energy to that Creature."

This is one of the most annoying pieces of battlegear that I have ever played against in a match. Every time I think I have just enough to wipe out the rest of my opponent's energy, they just throw a water attack out of nowhere which allows them to live that much longer, and have just another chance to defeat my creatures.

The added courage can be the difference between losing 10 energy to Bloot's special ability, and having the edge in battle against the Underworld.

Underworld creatures like Barath, Magmon, and Klasp that have recklessness need a short battle to win, or else the recklessness will eat away at them. With Riverland Star, you will prolong the battle with you opponent, giving recklessness the oppertunity to do your work for you defeat your opponent.

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Anonymous said...

I nearly beat a relim that had this...but I used discord, still lost my barath and the duel...