Saturday, May 3, 2008

Best Mugics-Mipedian


1. Fanfare of the Vanishing
Granted, it is no where near as powerful as Canon of Casualty, but it is still one of the best weapons that the Mipedians have. 15 points of extra damage is a very nice way to start a battle. Of course it can be very frustrating to only be able to use it before your first attack or that it is worthless if you are fighting against another creature with invisibility. If you get over those things, it is a great addition to your mipedian deck.

2. Melody of Mirage
What do Megaroar, Allmageddon, Strike of the Meak, and Lucky Shot have in common? They are all over priced attacks that are nothing but dead weight when you have to play against Melody of Mirage. Mipedians are all about protecting their creatures, and this is exactly how they plan to do it!

3. Song of Shelter
Yet another nifty mugic spell that will negate the damage from a Canon of Casualy, and keep your creature completely protected until the end of combat. You wouldn't have to worry about any more pesky damage dealing mugic, or Ulmars, or even Lores!

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