Saturday, May 3, 2008

Best Mugics-Underworld


1. Canon of Casualty
If you didn't see this coming, I would be surprised. I have already mentioned this mugic half a dozen times earlier in this article, so this would have to be the number one choice for you underworld fans. You can use it to finish off your opponent's creature, or even go after your opponent's mugic casters, the choice is yours!

2. Song of Revival
Great mugic, just simply great. You can use it to bring back a heavy hitter like Lord Van Bloot at the end of the game to finish off your opponent's final creatures. One of this mugic's greatest strengths is that you can bring the creature back in any open space on the battleboard. In 6v6, and once Silent Sands will be released, placement on the battleboard will be very important.

3. Song of Fury
A nice mugic that can end up dealing more than 30 damage in a single combat. I use this mugic in 3v3, unlike a lot of players. I am thinking about switching to two canon of casualties, but until then, I am content to stay the way it is right now :). Anyway, this is a great mugic to use on a Lord Van Bloot that has lost his Whepcrack or Viledriver to give him his fire power back.

Tune in tomorrow for my next card of the week!

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Anonymous said...

shame song of revival doesn't work online :(