Thursday, May 8, 2008

Disappointments and Pleasant Surprizes

In this post I am going to talk about some cards that I feel were either a nice addition to a set, or cards that are just so under powered than what they should be.

Pleasant surprize #1: Ulmar
Just look at ulmar from the show. He is short, weak, and is missing a skullcap! He seemed like a weak creature in the show, but that was before we had a look at his ability. Getting 20 damage to use whenever you need to can easily turn the tide in a battle, and possibly win you the match.

Dissapointment #1: Tangath Toborn
This was just a slap in the face. Not one of his base stats are above 50, and his energy is energy is a weak 30! One power pulse and ulmar and he is gone! Creatures with low energy can never be good front runner creatures for that very reason. Even the Sword of Khy'at, Tangath's go to weapon doesn't help him much at all.

Pleasant surprize #2: Barath Beyond
In my opinion Barath Beyond is one of the best underworlders. He has great power and speed, and his fire 5 is the perfect piece to an underworld deck. In the show, they usually downplay Barath's strengths. I don't think that they have ever shown one battle where Barath has won in the show.

Dissapointment #2: Fortissimo
You would think that a mugic that is suppose to make you a giant creature would do more. And extra 5 in each stat and 5 energy is not going to do a lot in a battle. You would be better off with a Composition of Concentration or a Song of Resurgence.

Pleasant surprize #3: Prince Mudeenu
Invisibility: Strike 20 is just amazing. Imagine starting off every match with your opponent's creature already down 20 energy. In the right mipedian deck, you will be able to finish off your opponent in the first few attacks.

Disappointment #3: Intress
Another watered down version of a good television card. I can understand weakening a card to stop it from dominating the metagame, but this was weakened to the point where it doesn't even deserve to be a super rare at all.

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Anonymous said...

I knew tangeth was bad but intress too? wow...I always knew barath was good, but I saw him on the game before one ep on the show