Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chaor, Bloot, then who?

We all know that Lord Van Bloot and Chaor are dominating the meta game, but I need to ask you is who is the third wheel to this duo? Today, I am going to explore the strengths and weaknesses of these different strategies that you can use with these two creatures.

1. Barath Beyond:
He is a great creature, no one can say that he isn't. But is he strong enough, and does he fit in with these two creatures? To have both bloot and chaor in the same deck, you need to focus less on the fire element, and more on courage, power, and speed. Barath is stronger in an elemental based attack deck, which is a little out of place with chaor and bloot. You do have barath's high power and speed, but his courage is lacking, and his recklessness is a large drawback. All and all, he is an alright pick, but I think that there are some stronger choices.

2. Klasp
This creature has increased in popularity lately. Originally, a klasp with stone mail was the way to go. With Klasp's high stats and energy, and stone mail canceling out his recklessness, he was a formidable opponent. But now, Nexus Fuse has made klasp an even stronger pick in battle. Along with his own 10 damage sacrifice ability, nexus fuse adds another 15 damage to it. With 25 damage to deal, klasp may be able to take out a chaor, or a bloot, which will give you the chance to take the offensive in mirror match-ups. I would say that klasp is a very strong pick.

3. Ulmar
I noticed less and less people using ulmar lately. Having 20 damage that you can deal at any time may be the difference between beating bloot and chaor, and losing the match. But with this extra damage, comes a very risky situation. When you use ulmar in an army, you are pretty much only fighting with two creatures. Ulmar isn't a fighter, if he is engaged in battle, he will lose. Losing even one creature becomes a very big deal. I would say ulmar isn't a bad choice, but I think that there are more stable choices out there.

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