Monday, May 5, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-May 7

This week I am going to go in a slightly new direction. This week's card of the week is going to be a battlegear! This week's card is...

Skeletal Steed!
Yep, your trusty steed is ready and raring to go in your deck! Granted, I thought that this card wasn't much more than garbage until I saw it in action in 6v6. This battlegear has almost no place in 1v1, or 3v3, but 6v6 is a whole new game, with a whole new approach to it.

An average 6v6 team will be set up with some strong creatures up front, and mugic casters in the back. With the Skeletal Steed, you will be able to jump right over your opponent's strongest creature, and attack his mugic counters. Mugic is the support system for an army. If you are lacking in your mugic, then your deck will fall apart.

If your opponent is missing even two mugic counters, you will be that much ahead in the long run of the match. Imagine your opponent missing his Ulmar. That is twenty damage that he cannot use against you, and 20 damage that you don't have to worry about.

Attacking mugic casters to get rid of your opponent's mugic counters isn't the only advantage to attacking mugic casters. Most mugic casters don't have very high energy, so you don't have to waste your strongest attacks on them. You will be able to stack your attack deck for your future battles.

And that concludes my third Card of the Week article :).

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Anonymous said...

6v6 AND 10v10 the offline mat has ten spaces after all