Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-October 15

This week's card is Bladez :).

Courage: 80
Power: 90
Wisdom: 35
Speed: 30
Energy: 60

Show me a player who thinks that Bladez is a bad card, and I will show you one sorry chaotic player! Everything about Bladez is purely amazing. Two elements, as much energy as Maxxor, and one (well two, but only one can be used :P) awesome abilities.

Most people already found the Husk Armor combo, and good for them :). Those two cards work excellent together, making up for one weakness and turning it into a strength.


Anonymous said...

KnucklesE here. Bladez is awesome!

Is he in front of the deepmines? I looked at the card and I think he is....

Occasus said...

The doors of the deepmines is in the back of the picture. He could have been on guard defending the doors when they attacked. If you look closer, the doors are still closed :P.

Mezzmarr392 said...

woah, i didnt notice that. and bladez is awesome. he's now the best UW rare creature. good disciplines, great energy, a 2 elements that go best with UW'ers. good choice occasus

Anonymous said...

he's awsome i wish i had him he would go great with my air deck but how are his stats ?\


Occasus said...

I've added his stats to the post :).

Alvin said...

maybe when the doors opened the marrilans just brainwashed him right at that time

mezzmarr392 said...

woah, his stats are pretty much like rothar's. if it werent 4 his recklessness, im sure he'd be on even grounds with bladez, except 4 bladez's extra element

Anonymous said...

eh, honestly, bladez' ability (with out the armor) is pretty much useless.
okay, maybe that flashwarp will do 15 now instead of nothing, and it is fun to laugh at their wasted melody of mirage, but ... ok, its not that useless ...
and the air is'nt as big as you think, only like, 3 attacks benefit from it, inferno gust, and plasma arrows, maybe confusion.
and plasma arrows are too high build for my blood.
and his stats are'nt that high ...
all in all, i dont really see the big hipe, whithout the armor, that is.
(and yet i run him and the armor in my front line!)

Todd Hakusho said...

Yeah, Bladez is an awesome first row creature.

Personaily, I equip a Whepcrack onto him; gives him +15 power, +5 energy and Fire 5.

Seriously a good card to have in your underworld/mixed armies.

Fox said...

Fox BCW here, OH yeah this is one sick rare.

His ability if nothing else means things get silly easy, challange checks now are better, as you can build a attack deck which everyone but blade only deals 10 with it, but he'll deal 15.

combined with husk it's just sick, and his two elements works with alot more cards then bt things.

(and Plasma arrows is a anti OW card, and deadly to them done right.)

OH and don't forget gears like Amplifies are great specially when you pair blades with Gran'trak. Take any regular power attack, and basically tack on a +15 to the damage now stat reduction.