Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-October 8

This week's card is Owayki :).

I am sure that some of my loyal fans will have seen this one coming. Owayki was one of the previews I posted from Gen Con for you guys. Now back to the card.

Courage: 40
Power: 50
Wisdom: 45
Speed: 85
Energy: 60

I hope someone just did a double take on Owayki's stats. Elemental X is a very powerful tool (just look at Barath Beyond) and Owayki has the same energy as Barath, but without the nasty recklessness that is Barath's biggest fault. Owayki has more than enough speed to fully use Progressive Speed. Even as a stand alone creature, Owayki is very strong.

His brings him to another level. He is a strictly better Marquis Darini. Even though Marquis never saw too much play, he wasn't supported with as good of stats and abilities as Owayki and the added mugic counter makes things even better :).


BigPanda said...

Pair Owayki with Mudeenu champion of the guard and you've got a power force.

Knuckles E said...

Good Job Occasus. I really like this review. :D

Anonymous said...

He isn't strictly better then Darini. You need Invisibility for his ability to work, but Darini added 5 guaranteed extra damage (not Invisibility) just for being a Mipedian. But other then that, he's AMAZING! He and Maliph are by far the best Mipedians so far. You can even pair him up with Dakkamal so that he could benefit from his own ability. And, although I think he's great, it would make more sense if he was Unique.


Anonymous said...

yeah he's awsome he's like a mix of saand and darinin :) michaelnono

Anonymous said...

His art... is AMAZING! It's so abstract and mysterious. He's said to be a ghost, he has the strangest looking head, you can barely see his appendages, and it looks like there are more of him behind him. COOL!!!

mezzmarr392 said...

great choice occasus! im not much of a mipedian player, but i might start playin with them now.

Fire2nice said...

I have heard some people say that he is overpowered, but pure Mipedians needed this. Yes they had warbeasts, but everyone found the flaw with them(the conjourers)and they were not PURE REAL INVISIBILITY mipedians. GO OWAYKI!