Sunday, October 19, 2008

Recreating The Color Wheel 1: Overworld

I have got a lot of PMs and posts in my old topic asking for me to update it for M'arrillian Invasion. So I am going to start posting updated sections for each tribe.

Even after the latest set, the two biggest characteristics of the Overworld tribe is their support ability and healing. You will rarely see any offensive card from this tribe. They rather strengthen themselves to win rather than try to undermine their opponents with stat reduction or damage dealing effects. With M'arrillian Invasion, a greater theme of stats has emerged in the tribes, and of course Overworld is full of stat increasing mugic and abilities.

Overworlders are problem solvers. They don't have much in terms of prevention, but they can easily remedy problems that come up. If someone is hurt, they heal them, if someone loses their stats, they increase them, or in Tangath Toborn's case, he just undos the effect of stat reduction.

One thing I am noticing with latest set is that each tribe is skilled in almost all of the elements except for one, instead of being skilled in one or two like I posted in the original article. Overworlders have a weakness with the Air element.

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Anonymous said...

and what does lystone have to do with this?


Occasus said...

Her stat increasing power :P.

BigPanda said...

I'm glad your finally getting around to updating it.:p I think you might of mentioned the fact that the ow was seemingly built to destroy the marrillion tribe with cards like Tarterek PSI being crafted to destroyed chieftans and cards like Tangth Toborn IT crafted to counter gantrak powered cards specifically bladez. Overall very nice article and I'll look forward to the danian one. If you need any insight or advice about the danian one pm me.:)

Occasus said...

Lol, if I have any trouble, I will! I don't really think that the overworld is out to destroy the M'arillians. I think Tangath's ability just reverses the effects of M'arrillians.

You actually reminded me to add something to the overworld, thanks!

Anonymous said...

woot lystone she's awsome now there are two fairys in the overworld

Anonymous said...

lystone is a awsome example of the over set with her 3 mugics and ok abillity i think that the rule on base stats has changed could one of u peoples look into this

Signed Aneocon :)

Gobliin said...

If I'm not mistaking, the overworld creature are those who have the most mugic counter in general. It mght be good to talk about it.