Saturday, October 11, 2008

Deck Updating: Clodor Surprise

I'm sure this isn't a surprise, Clodor did win :).



1. Clodor/Aspect Amplifier: Wit
2. Na-inna/Aspect Amplifier: Bravery
3. Clodor/Aspect Amplifier: Wit
4. Lanker/ Challor
5. Na-inna/Aspect Amplifier: Bravery
6. Karraba/Challor

2x Rhyme of the Reckless
1x Song of Resurgence
1x Defender's Song
2x Melody of Mirage

2x Mind Strike
2x Shadow Strike
2x Spirit Gust
2x Squeeze Play
2x Telekinetic Bolt
2x Sleep Sting
2x Quick Exit
2x Unsanity
2x Delerium
2x Piercing Brilliance

1x Castle Pillar (you can substitute with another Gigantempopolis)
1x Gigantempopolis
2x Castle Bohdran
2x Mipidim Mirage
2x The Overworld Library
2x Kiru City

Some Notes:
Here is a warning to anyone who wants to use this deck. There is a bug with the Aspect Amplifiers and Outperform. If Clodor would attack with a Mind Strike, it will deal 30 (15 from the checks, plus 15 from outperform). The is not how it is suppose to work. Outperform should only add 5 damage to the attack, not 15 (the game gives it +5 for each check instead of only +5 for the attack as a whole). So I better not catching anyone using this deck with the bugged cards ;).

Please post your comments, criticism or even a friendly hello :).


Anonymous said...

1x Castle Pillar (you can
2x Castle Pillar

3 castle pillars?? i thought is was

Occasus said...

Thanks for the catch, it is suppose to be Castile Bohdran :P

Anonymous said...

*Friendly hello*

Anonymous said...

KnucklesE here. Oh Come on you need Accato in their! Just look at his amazing support and wisdom. ;)

insanecrane said...

hey insanecrane here, u gave me an incinerase 1 time, anyways i think the idea of people submiting there decks so u can give advice is a great idea and hope that u put it up 1 day. lets get chaotic

mezzmarr392 said...

hey mezzmarr392 here. the outline seems great, but why did u give karraba and lanker a challor?i understand everything else u did, but not that. and maybe another song of resurgance would help

Occasus said...

Why wouldn't I use a challor? It protects them, which is very important seeing as they are the backbone of the deck.

If you are talking about Na-inna's ability with Karraba, Na-inna only targets the creature who you are taking the mugic counter from, so you can still use that combo even if Karraba can't be targeted.

mezzmarr392 said...

wait, can the challor protect them 4rm mugic, abilities, AND being targeted by lets say, a staluk with a skelatal steed`

Anonymous said...

Why in the WORLD do you have Na-Inna in the front with a Bravery Amplifier? Have you tested the deck out, because I don't think it would work very well.

Occasus said...

Challor only prevents them from being targeted by abilities, so a staluk will be able to get to them.

Na-inna has an aspect amplifier because a good number of my attacks are courage based, as well as wisdom attacks. Having a Na-inna with one gives her a fighting chance if she is attacked.

Anonymous said...

Na'Inna vs anything is almost a guaranteed loss, there is no point in trying to make her strong. Chaor with Whepcrack, Na'Inna wouldn't be able to hurt him before she's coded.

Occasus said...

It is better than nothing. She might be able to take down an Ere or something.

This army isn't the best one out there, that is why it is a tier 2 deck. Clodor who is the main creature in the army probably couldn't take down a Chaor with a whepcrack.

Anonymous said...

I like this deck, I have one like it but i use a supercharged alterant on clodor with a garv to keep flipping it back up.

Anonymous said...

sup occasus i read ur blog before i go on chaotic lol. hey man if u still have the husk armour im willing to trade a lot for it.
P.S my name is Battle95