Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Card of the Week-10/29

Welcome again for another installment of my card of the week :).

This week's card is Plasmarrow :).

Some of you have seen my latest deck that I have been using in play is the Overworld Gronmor deck, and it really does work well. In most cases, it is one of the best decks to use right now, the only problem is that there are a few cards out there that literally destroy the deck. Plasmarrow is one of them.

With the new set, overworld has some real fighters now. No one can come up to you and say that Gronmor isn't a worth while creature to use. High energy, three elements, fire 5, how can't you love to use him? The problem is, Overworld's mugic and abilities focus on keeping him alive, which you really can't do when your healing is gone. So your mugic and abilities are gone, but your opponent's are still up and running. Just a bit of an unfair advantage, right?

Most of the new attacks (3 build points, 30 damage, and effect) are great attacks. If you have the space, go for one, you might not regret it :).


Anonymous said...

I agree entirely, I think that any deck that can afford to fit one of these in there, should do it. (assuming they can get their hands on one)

The real strength of things like Plasma Arrow is that even if you stop it with a Melody of Mirage, the effect still goes through, so it cannot be stopped entirely.

Revelation said...

I wish there was a fire and earth one for Maxxor

Occasus said...

They might be more in the next sets. There is plenty of room to finish the cycle :).

Anonymous said...

Lol, I have played your deck, and guess what? My friend just got Ma'rrilain cards, including Plasma Arrow. Later when he gives me codes, I want to challange you! *Evil Laugh* Until then, do you want to battle again?


Anonymous said...

I played this guy who used a super strong over deck (i think fire2fire used it) and he put gronmor with ulmar's projection chamber, luckly i destroy it (with my trusty discord of disarming:)).

Here is my question: does ulmar's projection chamber only work once or does it keep working?

Anonymous said...

Only once since when the creature is destroyed, the gear is destroyed, the gear then activates, and the creature comes back without the gear.