Sunday, October 12, 2008

Player Submitted Deck

OGPLAYA asked if I would post his deck on my blog, so let's have some discussion! I want your opinions on how to improve it :). Post any comments or suggestions :).

1.Bivike/Sinister Statuette
3.Bivike/Sinister Statuette
4.Owayki/(your choice)
5.Owayki/(your choice)
6.Prince Mudeenu Champion to the guard

1.Allegro x2
2.Aria of Enragement x2
3.Disarming Theme x2

Imaginary Lake x2
Mepidem Oasis x2
Gloom-Mire Night x2
The Heart of the Jungle


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Main thing is to post the attacks!!,

It would make some differences for sure...

Cheers, Savage

Occasus said...

I didn't ask them to put together an attack deck too? Oops :P.

Anonymous said...

Useless army, what's the point of Bivike? He's too specific whereas Maliph is always strong. I don't feel like commenting... it's really too weak though. Also, what's the point of the Statuette? It serves no purpose whatsoever in that army.

Anonymous said...

the statuette serves as a helper for the other creature to loose speed as the atack deck should be built around speed and air the statuette also makes it so the loss is permanent unless of course it is undone by mugic or battlegear next with prince in the back bivike gains invisibility even without a marrillian in play thus alowing it to gain invis strike 10 and 40 speed from the owaykis making it even easier to win challenges

Anonymous said...

also anyone who said it was horrible ill be waiting to build this deck and ill take the pleasure of crushing you with it :D

oh and savage i wanted you to make your own atack deck
oh and bivike has pretty good stats and hes already made my favorite creature ;)
cheers OGPLAYA hehe

OGPLAYA said...

need to post these all at once but the last three locatoins are mirage that you think will serve best!

Anonymous said...

I would like to face your army and I'll be sure to annihilate it. I'll also mention myself once I do. I still think most of the cards in that army are useless, especially the statuettes, and it isn't like Invis Strike 10 will be a big deal, especially compared to Mapliph's 25.

Anonymous said...

One day I'll challenge you with my Mipedian army and gladly beat your deck. Design flaws were covered by someone else already.

Anonymous said...

my deck is really good once i put on some finishing changes it will be ready! i just need a couple of tins to get the prince and some more supers... to trade for ill get all the cards i need and ill be so happy to be kicking every one of you in your tiny little... butt


Anonymous said...

Ha, funny *obvious sarcasm*... just remember, before I beat this team of yours I'll be sure to mention our little talk here.

Anonymous said...

intresting deck ill try it out... wish u had put the attacks since im not a very good attack card user... ah well anyways wat is the battlegear on the new prince?


Anonymous said...


Fire2nice said...

I can say this
Bivike has no invisibility, so creature ways to give it to him and allow Owayki to do the rest.
Melody of Miragex2 and a Dakaal Melee trainer instead of Prince.
That's the main thing right now.

Anonymous said...

the prince gives him the surprise whille the owaykis give him invis 10 i made this deck as a tribute to the new prince thats why the prince is there