Thursday, October 23, 2008

Recreating The Color Wheel 3: Mipedians

Ah Mipedians, Perim's very own lizard boys. Believe it or not, a generic mugic's flavor text describes Mipedians in the game. "Strike first, strike fast, strike hard, strike last," -Prelude to Dominance. Come on, how doesn't that sound exactly like the Mipedians?

The corner stone that Mipedians has been built on is invisibility. They get the jump on their opponents and try to finish them as fast as they can, much like an ambush. That is one reason why there is such a low amount of Mipedians with high energy. It is because they never had to rely on energy, because their battles are usually over so fast that it wouldn't matter how much energy they have.

Now how about some mugic staples of the Mipedians? Melody of Mirage, and Song of Shelter come to mind. If you think about it, overworld is good at solving problems, underworld is good at causing problems and Mipedians are good at preventing the problems from ever happening. Mipedians have some of the best defensive mugic there is, I know I always dread it when I see a Melody of Mirage being played on one of my attacks!

Now on to warbeasts! Warbeasts are a very odd thing to talk about, because they don't really fit into the Mipedian stereotype. They don't turn invisible, they are extremely strong, and they aren't very good standalone creatures. Blazvatan is a tank of a creature. It has extremely high energy, two stats that are over 140, two elements, and two element Xs. There isn't much stopping that except for going around it and destroying the conjurers, which again isn't very Mipedian-like. The only thing I have to say is that the warbeasts are pretty bad Mipedians flavor wise! They were created through pure mugic, so I guess you could say it is because of the Mipedians great skill at mugic, but other than that... :P

One other thing I want to touch on is the Mipedian's unique ability of sacrificing themselves to help out their comrades in battle. Tianne, Sobtjek and even the new Mipedian Alazdan all embody this. They would rather sacrifice themselves than see a friend be destroyed, so they believe in putting the needs of the group ahead of the needs of the one.

Mipedian's weakness seems to be with water, which makes sense seeing as they are desert dwellers.

So comment, rate, yell at me for missing something, anything works!


Occasus said...

Wow, I didn't realize how much I wrote about Mipedians until I published it. I was thinking I wouldn't have enough to write about when I started that :P.

Anonymous said...

Well you put quite a bit though! And I like your analogy of OW, UW and MIP XD. I actually have a MIP water deck you can look at if your interested!

Anonymous said...

Mipedians are the BEST!!! WOOOO!!!!

Pretty good, interesting enough and informative enough. Your writing skills also seem to be improving so nice job.

Anonymous said...

I think you forgot to touch on the fact that Mipedians have awesome speed. At least mine do.


Mezzmarr392 said...

yeah, most mipedians a have high speed, just like most OW have high wisdom(maxorr, najarin, tartarek), and almost every Uw has high power(barath beyond, pyrithion, rothar). and the danians are kinda in between. they'll either have average in all stats, or high in one or two, with a random arrangement of elements mixed in between lol

Anonymous said...

you hit it smack dab on the spot!
perfect well except for the speed thing :p lol but i loved it even though i knew all of it :p

Anonymous said...

Danians specialize in Courage, at least in the new set.

It's OW Wisdom, UW Power, Danian Courage and Mipedian Speed. (The current formula)

Anonymous said...

Is'nt it suppost to be "Receating The Color Wheel 3: Mipedians?
overworld was 1
danian was 2
mipedian suppost to be 3
just saying nice job!

Occasus said...

Thank you second anonymous for the compliment on my writing skills :).

I noticed the mistake and was going to change the title to #3 after I read the comments :P.

Anonymous said...

nice your right warbeast don't really fit in well with mipedians well essense