Saturday, October 25, 2008

Recreating The Color Wheel 4: Underworld

And just like that, it is time for the Underworld, our second to last tribe in my five part series :).

Underworlders are impulsive, destructive, emotional, and selfish. One thing that they aren't is evil. You can't get caught up in appearance and attitude, and think that is what causes someone to be either evil, or good. Every tribe has the capacity to both good, and do evil in the name for their cause. The Danians will assimilate creatures and make them follow their philosophies, some Mipedians are ruthless hunters (just look what happened in Castle Bohdran or Bust Part 2) and Overworlders have been destructive in the past with the Underworld and Slurk isn't that nice to the Mipedians either.

In the TV show, Chaor, the "ruthless" ruler of the Underworld, has saved Kaz's life multiple times, and even showed mercy to the treasonous Lord Van Bloot. The world "evil" cannot possible describe a tribe when the leader of it has shown kindness in the past.

Underworlders see themselves as the "good" force, and that they must do what they need to survive. They believe that you can only flourish when you aren't limited by rules and restrictions. The Overworlders are the opposite of this, they believe that without laws governing the people, chaos will emerge which will be the downfall of everyone. This is where the conflict between the Over and Underworld begins. Overworld wants to replace the Underworld with a civilization much like their own, and the Underworld wants to defeat the Overworld so they can live the way they want without rules or structure.

One way the Underworlders try to destroy rules and law is through causing destruction and problems. This can be found in damage dealing abilities, or stat lowering mugic, anything to throw their opponents off guard.

Underworlders get their power through emotion, even though it can cause them harm in the end run. With recklessness, Underworlders get amazing powers, but their haste ends up becomming a weakness, but Improvisational Melody shows how their impulsivness becomes an even greater strength. Song of Fury is probably one of the more famous examples of Underworder's emotional power.

Underworld's weakness in the elements is water.

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Anonymous said...

amazing truely amazing i cant believe im the first poster but just like the mipedians you forgot there stat: Power and surprisingly there element obviously fire

Anonymous said...

Thats a lot of typing... Good post mate!


Mezzmarr392 said...

u got it perfectly right about the UW. but like OGPLAYA said, you forgot about their power stat and fire element. And you kinda forgot about their intimidate ability also(just a little heads up). but besides that, you were dead on, good job!

Gobliin said...

I think that this one is the best so far.

The best part of it , in my opinion is the fact that you show that the tribe isn't evil by giving some good example.

Still the Underwolders has some rules, like the one that they must resolve theirs conflicts in the Colosseum.

Continue your good work with the M'arrillians.

Anonymous said...

lol you for got to say witch element they 'aren't skilled with :P

Occasus said...

I think M'arrillians will be under developed seeing as I know next to nothing about them. I think there is a story in the new starter decks...I need to get one of those...

Mezzmarr392 said...

i think occasus left out the UW weakest element because he probably thought that it was pretty obvious what the element was. The only one that I(and most chaotic players) can think of that uses water is Nauthilax, and he's pretty useless also with his recklessness ability.

Occasus said...

What do you guys mean? I said it was water at the end of the article. I'll check again, but I am pretty sure it is there.

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up, every civilization, even the most primitive, has rules. However, in the UW, and most well primitive tribes, it's might makes right.

Mezzmarr392 said...

wait, i take back what i said before. there IS another creature besodes nauthilax with the water element, phelphor.

;-) said...

Good and evil are very complicated concepts in general, you will not find many (if any) people on the planet who have never been kind to anyone =) Good and evil as concepts aren't about discrete events, but are rather about the whole story of a person or people. I'm not sure I would define the Underworlder's as evil, but neither am I sure that I would define evil as the "total absence of good." (Particularly because that would lead to a circular definition).