Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-June 11

Yesterday, we were shown the cards from the next set, Silent Sands. So, I thought that it would be appropriate to make this week's card of the week a very special one from Silent Sands...

My favorite card from the new set, Blazvatan!

Courage: 150
Power: 75
Wisdom: 50
Speed: 150
Energy: 70

Just look at that! Not only does his energy is high enough to compete with Chaor and Bloot, but his stats are rediculous! Simply rediculous. He has the highest courage and speed in the game up to this point. One of Bloot's strongest assets is his speed, well he doesn't have an edge any more.

Some may say that his recklessness is too much of a draw back, but on the contrary, it is an asset. You have conjorers in the back to take care of his recklessness damage, so you can use cards like Harnessed Rage without risking anything.

Now let's look at what else he has. Not only does he have two very powerful elements, but he has element 5 for both of them! If you can build a good deck around him, he IS stronger than any of the big 4.

1 comment:

WhiteFox said...

He is cool. The recklessness is just to give him an Achilles heel. Take out the conjurers and he will destroy himself.