Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-June 4

Welcome yet again to another installment to Chaotic Card of the Week! This week's card is Momark :).

Courage: 50
Power: 20
Wisdom: 45
Speed: 35
Energy: 30

He is currently the strongest Overworld mugic caster in existence. No creature can compare with his three mugic counters, until the next set that is ;).

He is a structurally sound creature. He can survive a canon of casualty, which is something that would destroy some other back line creatures. If your opponent wanted to destroy Mommark, he would need to waste 30 points of damage, which is what you would heal with him anyway. Think of Mommark as a 30 points of damage shield.

Just about every Overworld deck can be improved with him. He is a healer, a mugic caster, and he looks cool :P. Keep him in the back row, and protect him. He is your life line!


Anonymous said...

chaotic rules

Anonymous said...

Mommark is a great meek creature!