Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-June 18

First off, I apologize for this being a day late, there were some technical difficulties on my end when trying to get this up, so here we go :).

Mipedim Mirage

This is a great location for almost any aggressive deck. You can use this to force your opponent to attack one of your stronger creatures, or use it to protect your back line creatures.

Once it can trigger its mirage ability and you can place it on the battleboard, you need to determine if you want to use it offensively, or defensively. If you want to use the location aggressively, you should place it on a strong creature that you control that is near your opponent's back line. That way, your opponent will be forced to attack your strong creature, even if it is a weak mugic caster. If you want to play the defensive route, you should place the location on another strong creature you control that is in front of your mugic casters. No if your opponent wanted to move in on your mugic casters, they will need to move in on your stronger creature instead of moving into your mugic caster's space.

This isn't the only mirage location that is of value in Silent Sands! Try to see if you can find a good location that can fit into your strategy.

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Toblol said...

I dont really understand how mirage works can u plz explain the rules about mirage locations.I have a mirage location called Rao'pa Sahkk which says down the bottom, Mirage: At the end of combat engaged creature gains Mugic i dont get it does that mean my creatures have to battle on this location and whoever wins gets mugic? plz explain