Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chaotic Card of the Week-June 25

This week's card is...

Anyone who plays 6v6 enough will tell you that there is next to no point of putting battlegear on your backline mugic casters. If they are going to become engaged, they will most likely lose no matter what happens, so battlegear doesn't help them much at all.

So what does Challor bring to cards you play? Well, because it is revealed at the start of the match, it can be equipped to a backline creature with low energy to protect them from an underworld assault of damage dealing abilities. But what else can it do? Warbeast armies will probably like this card especially, seeing as conjurers are your life line, and protecting them is extremely important, but this battlegear an also be used to protect a prized creature. Blazvatan is extremely difficult to beat, right? Imagine how strong he would be if he couldn't be targeted with an ulmar ;).

All and all, I think that Challor is a card which can find a home in just about every deck, no matter the tribe or strategy. I give it 4 stars :D.

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