Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mipedian Strike Deck

I have just been trying to get this deck together for a little bit, and seeing as I failied to do anything with first Gauntlet deck, I thought I should put this up soon. I have seen some people saying that the Warbeasts are going to dominate the Mipedian tribe in terms of decks, and I hope that this little deck that I put together will prove them wrong. So here it goes :):


1 2 3
4 5

1. Breathe/Nexus Fuse
2. Kolmo/Staff of Wisdom
3. Breathe/Ravita Flower
4. Prince Mudeenu/Nexus Fuse
5. Xelfe/Challor
6. Ranun/Lightning Canister


2x Delerium
2x Flash Kick
2x Flash Mend
2x Quick Exist
2x Rock Wave
2x Shriek Shock
2x Mind Strike
2x Sleep Sting
2x Spirit Gust
2x Viperlash


2x Gloomuck Swamp
2x Mipedim Oasis
2x The Hunter's Perimeter
2x Mipedim Lounge
2x Glacier Plains


1x Tune of Xerium
1x Fighters' Fanfare
2x Song of Shelter
2x Fanfare of the Vanishing

Some tips with this deck:

1. Use Tune of Xerium to get back a used Nexus Fuse by sacrificing Ranun's Lightning Canister. That way you get the 15 damage from Nexus Fuse plus the five from sending Lightning Canister to the discard pile.
2. Kolmo is right up front for a reason: use him to jump the front line of Creatures and attack your opponent's mugic casters.
3. If you haven't noticed, you have a lot of mugic counters to spare! You should have about 10 to play around with, so you should always have plenty of counters to not only cast mugic, but to use Ranun's healing ability.
4. Mipedim Lounge is only really in there for its initiative, using its ability it too risky to use yourself, and your opponent may end up getting lucky with it. I am considering taking it out for Castle Bohdran because you have so many mugic counters, or maybe Sha-Kree Flats.

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