Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Competitive Deck Building

I have a few deck lists posted for building on a budget, so what about the competitive players out there? This is the first deck that I am posting that I think may join the meta game as a serious competitor. This little deck I like to call Blaze Barrage.

Titanix/Warbeast Power Leash -------Blazvatan/Warbeast Power Leash -------Titanix/Ur-Shard

------Bylkian /Challor--------Fivarth/Ravita Flower

-------------Bylkian /Challor

2x Harnessed Rage (6)
2x Enlightened Tenacity (4)
2x Reactive Resolution (6)
2x Skeletal Strike (4)
2x Shadow Strike (0)
2x Velocitrap (0)
2x Evaporize (0)
2x Spirit Gust (0)
2x Shriek Shock (0)
2x Ekto Plasm

2x Dranakis Threshold
2x Gloomuck Swamp
2x Mipedim Oasis
2x Runic Grove
2x Catacombs of the Conjurors

2x Fanfare of the Vanishing
2x Melody of Mirage
2x Song of Shelter

Note: I had a very difficult time balancing the attack cards for this deck, so I this is a work in progress. I would like some feedback on that.

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