Monday, June 16, 2008

M'arrilian Invasion!

Just a little shout out to savage for showing us the website with the preview of M'arrillian
invasion. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to write this! :) I am going to go through each of the five cards that they previewed to us, and explain what they either mean, or how they may affect the game play in the future.

Come on, just look at this card. This is definitely meta game material. This is just another step in creating a meta game that isn't so centered around the underworld. This will find a home in an elementalist pauldrons deck, or many of mipedian decks which will emerge after the release of silent sands.

The ability to set up your attack deck for the next four attacks is a very powerful thing. You will get the chance to completely plan your attack against your opponent. You will almost always get the cards that you need in order to win with the exact amount of damage required to beat him or her. This will allow you to save your strongest attacks for the right time, or will allow you to burn attacks that you don't really need.

This mugic is average. I don't know if it will see much play. It won't see anything in 3v3, but it might see some in 6v6 or 10v10. It is strictly worse than Canon of Casualty, so there isn't much more I can say.

Mind Grind
This card introduces a new ability: Stat Fail. From what I can tell, it is if the attacking creature does not have that stat or lower, he will get to deal that much damage. It is an obvious next step in the Stat Check and Challenge attacks. This may improve that value of lower stat versions of creatures.

I saved the Open Doors of the Deepmines and Frafdo the Hero for last because they give insight on each other, and helps explain what Frafdo means.

Frafdo the Hero

Unlike Kolmo, Assimilated and the other Assimilated creatures, this Frafdo has a different name from the original Frafdo, so you can two of each in your deck. Frafdo is something called a minion, which you can tell by that new blue symbol in his text box, and that watermark where his overworld mark used to be. He is still technically an overworlder. If you look at the top left of his card, you will see that his overworld emblem is still there, but he has obviously fallen to the M'arrillian mind control powers. Now look at what the Open Doors of the Deepmines says. This means that the blue symbol means that he can only use his energy gain ability if you have a Chieftain, or something to do with Chieftains.


deandavid said...

i dont think that frafdo is under mind control because he is a hero but i do think you are right about the ceftians halving some thing to do with it......

Occasus said...

Well, there is also that, and the bottom half of his card. It is black with bubbles in it. The bubbles could represent the Deep Ones seeing as they are suppose to be fish-like creatures.

Bubbles said...

this looks awesome! :D

by the way, what happened to that picture of odu-bathax in the top right?

and wow... creepy analysis. I dont want to meet the deep ones, unless there are some good Danians among them that I can get for my deck! :D

Atoyou said...

There should be because there is going to be four decks, one for each tribe so their is going to be a danian deck, but they are going to be under the control of the Oligarch of the Deep so you will need some deep ones to use them at full power

Anonymous said...

i wonder if the frafdo will come in the new starter decks hm...

Anonymous said...

If a creature is under the M'arrilian's control, in the text it will say he is brainwashed.The sign in the top right is the sign telling you he came from the set Marrilian Invasion beyond the doors. Glad, to be of service,MuktaKrika from

Anonymous said...

frafdo is not brain washed he is a ugraded overworlder like takinom the shadowkngiht is an upgraded underworlder