Friday, June 13, 2008

Assimilated Vs Original

Today, I am going to discuss the differences between the original and assimilated versions of the same creature.


Courage: 60------------------------Courage: 75
Power: 55-------------------------- Power: 70
Wisdom: 50------------------------ Wisdom: 30
Speed: 40-------------------------- Speed: 60
Energy: 65------------------------- Energy: 60

Now as you can see, the artwork isn't the only thing to have changed! This new Kolmo has one more mugic counter, 17 more courage, 15 more power, and 20 more speed, but has lost 20 wisdom and 5 energy. There are more changes than just its stats...

Kolmo has lost his air element, and it has been replaced by the danian classic earth element. And not just that! The danians warped his invisibility powers to work against his former allies. His range and swift is replaced by a one use teleport to anywhere on the board. This may prove useful, but I would rather have the range and swift back. That way you could use him to take out the backline creatures.

Hammerdoom Chantcaller:

Courage: 50------------------------Courage: 70
Power: 55--------------------------Power: 40
Wisdom: 40------------------------Wisdom: 55
Speed: 55--------------------------Speed: 55
Energy: 65-------------------------Energy: 55

Like Kolmo, Hammerdoom has lost his element, and it has been replaced by the Danian Earth element. But this time he lost a mugic counter instead gaining one, and his abilities changed a bit more. As for his stats, he now has a stat that is somewhat useful now, his courage.

Again, like kolmo, the ability that was meant to attack the danians has been warped to destroy his former tribe. He will gain back the 10 energy that he is now lacking thanks to his fire proof, and his ability will all increase against the underworlders. Give him the doomhammer, and that is 10 damage to all underworlders, plus an earth 5!


Courage: 60------------------------Courage: 50
Power: 20--------------------------Power: 20
Wisdom: 70------------------------Wisdom: 75
Speed: 40--------------------------Speed: 30
Energy: 40-------------------------Energy: 50

Ruznus is very different than any other of the Assimilated creatures. With the other two, they lost all of their elements, and it was replaced by earth. This time, Raznus only lost his earth element, but kept his water element. This is very weird, and unique to the other two.

This Raznus is a completely different creature than the original Raznus. The stats are similar, but he has 10 more energy than the old Raznus, one less mugic counter, and a whole new ability that in no way resembles the old one. It makes you wonder if something went wrong with the infection of Raznus.

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